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pictures and vidéos of the Summer 2010

 The Domaine du Barry welcomes you to a festive evening

Alain MAROULLE the Winemaker recalls :

« In 2007, from an idea of Gontran Boscaux, Director of Communication for the House of Gaillac Wine, the « Springtime of Gaillac Wines » was born. Since then, several Gaillac wine producers have organised festivities themed around wine. For the Domaine du Barry, with its large covered area just in front of the wine tasting room, the idea came of an evening market with local products and music. The evening « apero-concert » was born. With help from friends with the considerable organisation the concept of an « apero-concert among the vines » was launched.

At the time, neither Alain or his friends imagined so much enthusiasm for the events and that so many people who would attend. The evening apero-concert at Domaine du Barry is now known as « the soirée ».

We would invite you to visit the site and discover in photos and videos the many pleasures

of these « Soirées » among the vines.

2012, « Apéro-Concerts » will not being organised at the Domaine.