The producers

During the course of the apero-concerts, quality snacks will be available. You will have a choice of succulent dishes preparated and served by local producers.





Léonore Strauch and Coline Pepiot at Vaour (5 kms from the Domaine du Barry) :

« We offer you a choice of goat or cow cheeses, tartines of fromage blanc with garlic and fine herbs, and pâte from our black pigs. In addition a dessert of fromage blanc with sugar and  lemon accompanied by our in house jams. We are farmers dedicaced to Nature and Progress. We produce our cheese and yoghourt from about ten cows and thirty goats. an we breed a small number of black Gascony pigs which are reared in the open air. We sell our products at the farm, at markets and at « Terra Local » (a small shop in Gaillac for local producers). And we will most certainly be at the apero concerts of Alain Maroulle ».

Contact : Léonore Strauch and Coline Pepiot  la Teulière 81140 VAOUR 05 63 56 39 71


😆 LA CREPE CHANTANTE            

Catering both for sweet or salty tastes, she will delight both children and grown ups with delicious crêpes or Breton pancakes.

In addition to her smile, Veronique will serve you with :

  • Sweet crêpes : butter caramel, chestnut puree, local honey, fresh lemon, jams from Leonore, chocolate..
  • Rye flour pancakes : ham, sausage, fromage blanc with herbs, cheese..

Contact : Veronique LE PALLEC 06 42 12 37 52

You will find LA CREPE CHANTANTE at the soirées organised by the Domaine du Barry, at village fetes, at « Camping du chêne vert » Castelnau de Montmiral and also at the markets in Castelnau de Montmiral on Tuesday morning and Vaour on Thursday morning.


Odile grows Organic vegetables and cereals in Castelnau de Montmiral.
She invites you to sample her delicious products :

  • Lentils, « Bonne Copine » melon and chutney jam.
  • In season, melons and watermelons sugared to taste.
  • Delicious apple juice from her orchard reserved especially for the apero-concerts.

You will find her at the local markets :

♥ Castelnau de Montmiral on Tuesday morning

♥ Gaillac  « Noctambio » on Tuesday evening from five

 ♥ Gaillac on Friday morning

♥  Cordes sur Ciel on Saturday morning

♥ »Chez Anne » in le Verdier on Saturday evening

and on Sunday morning 

♥ St Antonin de Noble Val.

Contact :


Sofian LAMBARA Istricou 81140 CAHUZAC SUR VERE

Contact : 06 18 15 47 74

He sells his pizzas at the soirées apero concert organized by the Domaine du Barry and also

♥ on Monday from half past five to eight in Tecou

♥ on Tuesday from half past five to eight in Montans in front of the Archeosite

♥ on Thursday  from half past five to eight in Cadalen

♥ and in August every evening at the Festival from Vaour

   😆    Alain GREZES 81140 VAOUR  

Alain says : « I produce homemade conserves in Vaour from geese and ducks traditionally bred in the Gers region.

I breed a few black Gascon pigs . I do simple and traditional cooking using only fresh vegetables and quality produce.

For the apero concert, I will prepare a hot dish of meat with vegetables (duck confit or stuffed pork).

You can come and see me in my shop in Vaour ; please telephone in advance on

05 63 56 35 79. »


 😆    Yves et Eve BOISMARTEL

Safran, Syrup,

♥ at the Soirées Apero Concert organized by the Domaine du Barry and also

♥ at « Tarn’Emotion » opposite the Cathedral, 15 place Ste Cecile

81000 ALBI

♥ At « Soleil Gourmand »,  3 rue Lamartine

34450 VIAS

♥ At « Saveurs d’Ovalie »,  Commercial Center St Caprais

31240 L’UNION

and on the website :

Contact : Yves and Eve BOISMARTEL,  les Galinières 81360 MONTREDON LABESSONNIE

09 65 29 44 35 (office) Email :